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station, this is the kron 4 news. >> we start with a daly city neighborhood that has been inundated with water & mud. jackie sissel these homes and cars are there any injuries? >> there are no injuries. you can see there have been neighborhood is trying to figure out what happened. the mud, the water that rushed down. aunt of break happened up there. if that is where-that water main- break happened up there-here is video from earlier. what we do know is a run for:a 30 the leaked c to run 430 -they
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started running down a run 4:30 and 80 homes were evacuated. -eight homes-were evacuated. perhaps the hillside behind it could cause a landslide. 40 people have been evacuated and it is impacting four square city blocks and 100 residents are without water. we got a chance to talk to the north county fire district spokesperson. he spoke about this, earlier. >> that is what we are going is to determine and assess the safety of the damage. in the hillside. there's no immediate threat. we wanted to get people to evacuate it did. just to keep them out
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of the area. >> what we are being told is that the water is being shot off and you can see the amount of mud. this is not even the worst of it. there will be a tremendous amount of cleanup. the big question is what happened hours here. was it the water storage facility? what happened-out here? what happened to it with this water. there is a tremendous amount of cleanup. >> oh my gosh! and as a homeowner you wonder if you are covered. and is not rainfall is from this accident some many people are going to be wondering how they're going to be paying for the cleanup. >> as i mentioned, the question is getting some of these cars out of here. you are talking about that much
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of mud out of your and on the hillside all of those cars. they have had mud up to their doors. residents are starting to see their damage. >> i do not know what you would do, thank you. >> off jackie sissel.. this is his location pier pricnearer priced -- near prius street to. to this is the culprit. 13 coverage continues with will tran. let me give you a perspective on how much water has rushed down the hill. the reservoir is up on the top. when it came
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rushing down, there used to be dirt down here but it came rushing down. these homes are in the path. they have been told to evacuate. authorities think that it is unstable and something could happen. there have been eight homes the water has been shut off but there are so much volumes of water. how much mud and water came down? the further we go, the more that thcollective the mo... house bee has been reported at 0
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it could have been earlier than that. the water has been turned off. they do not know if it is a water main break. to or from the reservoir. >> 7:05 weather, traffic. >> some hot spots and difficult conditions for the east bay. highway no. 80 and highway no. 4. and there was an accident that blocked two of these lines and most of that is on the shoulder. it has backed up on highway no. 4 and pressed the drive time after 28 minutes. hercules, towards berkeley. from the port chicago highway in the westbound direction. it will be slower in the ahighway
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no. 4, at the sommersville. there was a recent crash look at this highway no. 4. the drive time is over 48 minutes coming out of antioch towards high weight to 42. to connect with the 680 from highway 242 affected of towns in the 50s, 30 degrees with temperatures in the 50s bravehear is a chilly st to the state would warmer conditions on the way i will return on those numbers and
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talk about the rain chance is coming up in my next report. >> a new twist for the resignation of david petraeus the top u.s. commander in afghanist allen isr investigation authorities are looking into alleged inappropriate messages that general allan ascend to jill kelly. jill kelly is an unpaid adviser. she received a threatening e-mails from paula braodwell general allen is a four-star rain that has succeeded petraeus. president obama had nominated general allan to be the supreme commander of nato. now, that nomination has been on hold.
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>> in the bay iraq the californ university boardtrbay . and many are in the impacted are trying to graduate. they want to free up class's for incoming students but this fee will just punish students who could have had to repeat a class or switch majors at the last minute. >> it is sad to say that i was one of those students that we did. i think it was because i could not get the classis so i took longer than normal. once i got and, i
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this will impact further students and there is a meeting with jerry brown later. >> we will be back with more in a few moments. the latest developments on a story that is happening out of daly city. the water, the mod and three also have the very latest on the weather. [ female announcer ] welcome, one and all,
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>> microsoft is showing some losses. >> there is some positive business news with tess law has been named car of the year. it is the first time that it has named tesla.... the for fusion, the porsche 911 was a possibility the
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ford fusion was also a contender but the tesla was the top winner. for the motor trend car of the eater. however, if it is $50,000-almost $100,000. >> one of the most anticipated video games is call of duty was released at midnight. this is video of the game with incredible graphics still looks like you are part of a movie. it is really just incredible thousands of people camped out. that have had this. they are the first to get this and the first call of duty has pulled and $360 million is. dollars and we will
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>> following the latest out of daly city there is a water main or a water tank
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break. it is in this hillside neighborhood in daily city. you can see from the sky seventh high- definition you can see the surrounding mud and the jackie sissel will be providing us live shots. with thousands of gallons of water impacting hundreds of customers or out water. of customers-without water. all global warming could have a peak impact on california water supply. a stanford professor looking at what would happen at the snow pack are run the world if the average temperatures were to increase by two degrees-three degrees in the next century. this new
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research shows that we will see more years for this snowpack is smaller than normal. >> and not just a decrease in the overall amount of snow accumulation but the change in the timing. of the run off. >> these forecast modelsld be melting of sooner, faster. >> let us get a check of their weather and traffic. george? is it in the east bay. >> is. and also interstate 80 and highway no. 4. earlier occurring accidence impacting drive times. however, out of crocket to hercules and berkeley. taking a lot of pressure off the low bay area. however #4
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in the drive times of nearly 50 minutes from antioch towards concord. westbound. and that is because of two different accents. one occurred in antioch and the other was port of chicago highway. there is a normal bridge commute with a 16-18 minutes. the san mateo bridge not looking that bad. for the last couple of weeks it has been unusual to stop and go even for this hour of the morning. perhaps we're past the hurdle. for the golden gate we have noticed heavier than usual traffic. i am just wondering if there are more toll booths available. this is a bit
7:21 am
unusual for the self-styled 1 0 1. ericka? >> cellphones 1 0 1. >> good morning. cellphones 1 0 1 southbound 1 0 1 more than heavy unusual. >> we are seeing 34 degrees in fairfield. 36 and novato 40's in napa and if and as reticulated temperatures it will be warmer than yesterday. as we take a look at temperatures. pretty much everybody in the 60s with mid upper 60s 70's and the sehigh pressure.. tomorrow could be the warmest a day of the week.
7:22 am
today will be pretty mild in the south bay mostly sunny in the east bay. another mild day with napa at 67 degrees. 65 degrees for the afternoon high in the downtown san francisco. the satellite and radar showing some wet weather but it will be drier tomorrow. there are a couple of systems we could see rainfall thursday into friday. that rain will approach the coast with residual showers by saturday. sunday, towards monday the heaviest. temperatures in the 60s and.
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we will be back with more as we continue to follow the latest developments out of daly city. there is a four block neighborhood in an updated wter main break sent this neighborhood inunda tedd...
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>> there are eight homes evacuate and about 100 people that do not have water. these cars are inundated with mud there is apparently a leak that was going to the tank. we have a team of live reporters from sky 7 h the abc this video from them. to help enhance our coverage with high- definition abc video. you
7:27 am
can see as we go back to that line of cars that have been impacted. and homes have been impacted. no report of injuries. >> target employees are not happy that they're opening on thanksgiving. they plan on opening at 9:30 and they are going to do that on thanksgiving evening. on there has been an on-line petition to save thanksgiving for families. this was similar to their move for last week. >> thanksgiving is a family timer. -- last year. >> how far we going to go for the question of retail. >> target is simply
7:28 am
supply that demand for retail competition. this neighborhood has still continuing to be infected with four blocks of mud.....
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is the water and the mud is that this is impacting a
7:31 am
daly city neighborhood. you can see in our live coverage from abc seven high- definition we are pooling our resources so you can get the most news from kron 4. you can see from up above there are construction vehicles out of there. and if they are trying to take out their cars and homes. we are also live. welour reporter, will trans. >> this is one of our best vantage point from this intersection of this river of water it/mud continues. as we continue to you can see that gray box is a basic 700 thousands of
7:32 am
700,000 gal. of water. take a look at how it impacted the landscape. who knows how long this has been happening. because this is so fast and full of mud it could not be on the valve. on the other side of this bmw. they could not reach it is dark and dangerous. what they've had to do is go around to beef remitter. to systematically-go around that perimeter. look at what it did to the bonny
7:33 am
street.. what is going to happen as the fire department has finished. now in is up for city crews to clean this up. the bulldozers are out to that is where the mud is collected to the park. there recreation there are- recreation areas that are also being impacted with 40 homes evacuated. they are not going to impact the safety. it looks like these homes are okay. there are homes right in the path. they say their home was fine with no mud, no water but they did receive word from the authorities. they barely missed it. the only reason they missed it is because
7:34 am
these trees allowed the raibeat-tree the perimeter... help avoid a that destruction. >> luckily we were ok and fortunately this is a one- way and, one way out of this is only one way. we cannot get to work. >> you cannot see anything? >> i would not see anything but i did turn on the news, i did turn on kron 4 and i found out >> you are flying? >> no injuries. your-fine? >> thank you so much and so many are people to 2 in their best. this woman is
7:35 am
busy but she managed to pull her car in the driveway. that gentleman is being stubborn he is been doing this with his own the garden hose. trying to get this out of the way. >> and i see him with the garden hose and that part looks fine. the other side, he cannot drive anywhere. look at that construction. you cannot drive through that. >> he is stubborn. they have to have bigger bulldozers and what they're going to do his left office mud to drive it away. there is so much. there is to us so much mud. this is where it has
7:36 am
been collected from jackie sissel will have more coverage but i can tell you that nearly 100 homes have been wiped out. it is early in the investigation but water crews believe that the pipe burst. it is leading into the reservoir and they have collected it. they are also thinking that it is probably an old pipe that burst. >> this entire area is cut off. from this point, you cannot get out or and. >> there will not even let residents stand on the street. just to get a better look and what is happening. and you are curious, and you
7:37 am
are not able to stand on the street or get a different vantage point because there is so much coming and going. the police officers are here. if there is really no reason to leave because even if that moves his car, there is going to be 3 ft. of mud. people here have had ajust need to be patient. >> pretty incredible. here on google earth this is the intersection where he is. let me show you where the water tank is it is up on the hillside behind them. and behind that corp. right onto the street. it is on this entire roadway
7:38 am
jackie sissel is near this intersection and that is where he does. >> good morning. the cleanup crews from daly city and i do have information from the public information officer that we do have information that up to 45,000 gal. of water.. cast iron pipe burst between the facility and the homes. on bonnie. thousands of gallons had been spilled out this holds nearly 1 million gal. of water. obviously, things could have been much, much worse. we are being told of the water is been shot off.
7:39 am
from that water storage facility to back broken cast iron pipe. again, that cast iron pipe has ruptured ... we are also being told that 12 homes are being evacuated and 45-50 homes are being evacuated. >> thank you. we will be following this from all angles. and jackie with other cameras in different areas we will be back....
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>> watching wall street, we're watching the dow jones of. 12,00852. and the dow
7:43 am
jones showing better than average earnings from home depot. leading hopeful numbers for retailers, and a senator from tennessee saying that this fiscal cliff will not happen. they are confident that the tax increases there has merely been a 6% drops as the dow jones. since october 5th. >> there is been hotbay. a closr look at the right on interstate 80 westbound. an intersection has been missing for an accident that is impacting the cortines fridge. highway no. 4,
7:44 am
antioch hear the port chicago highway has jammed up the drive with 45 minutes. and that heavy traffic from the cortines bridg cort carquinez bridge and teh bridge toll plaza with emergency road repairs they do not anticipate more delays. >> it is a cold start but not as cold as yesterday. 40's in mountain view. and as we take a look get these headlines today there is mostly sunny and dry conditions but there could be more cloud coverage later tonight. tomorrow is expected to be warmer.
7:45 am
temperatures of be in the '70s for inland areas. full details when we come back.
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(car horn) paying with your smartphone instead of cash... (phone rings) that's a step forward. with chase quickpay, you can send money directly to anyone's checking account. i guess he's a kicker... again, again! oh, no you don't! take a step forward and chase what matters. aha >> welcome back, 7:47 there is it ruptured water line in daly city. we are pulling our resources with cameras on the ground and even a
7:48 am
real. from abc seven. even a for high-definition arieal.. take a look at this water rushing down. this river of mud completely inundatin this material. neighborho how the neighbors are dealing with this. >> a round around 4:00 a.m. i heard a noise i thought that maybe it was raining. the skies were clear. there was no went. and about 15 minutes later i thought i would check again because there was no--wind... i saw the mud and called 911. how perfect
7:49 am
>> good morning, so the rookie of the year if. >> yes, i love james fletcher and hopefully that historic woworks out. and with marshalling resources. >> what are we in the wild west? >> that is why he goes by the name james, and not gems...not jim and trout the vote was unanimous and harper. there are always rookies of the year but there'r are no surprises. >> harper was on the cover of sports illustrated that
7:50 am
said that the chosen one when he was 16 years old. >> james was also the chosen one and as reese take a look. >> let me repeat that this this on football. the numbers a shakeout would not have time to talk about college football. who fell where, but organ that beat cal. that oregon.. they would probably tell you that motor dame organ. >> kansas state. >> no. 1. alabama. and the stanford that beat oregon state. the richest suave to
7:51 am
numbers. they have just as what to numbers. swapped .... what is up with alex smith. i can see that michael vick is out.. of the three guys i reported on the 5:00 p.m. edition of that i was brought in earlier. for the marshaling. there were three quarterbacks yesterday. if
7:52 am
fa >> you watch philadelphia of. it is not the same. there is reason with those guys make the big money. and they make the game fun to watch. the other guys, you have to stay in. k.... and when you talk about putting on a good show. phil jackson, when he puts on a good show everybody wanted him for the l.a. lakers. and how did this happen? how did
7:53 am
they all of a sudden decide on d'asoni? they actually had details on saturday morning that they came to me. shakes of the we will talk on monday and the next thing is that they said sorry. d'antoni... his agent said that he wanted $80 million. and all of this is not true. that you wanted $80 million.18 million >> it was amazing. and i am making this as a little bit of a joke but he stated that the stated the owner's daughter. he state dated--the tm
7:54 am
is supporting him and now that they're so excited that he is part of the team. phil jackson the say that he got the shaft...
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>> our developing city out of daly city with a ruptured water main break. britney and all of our resources with high- definition video. bringing in all of the resources with
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jackie jackie sissel, coming up we stand for farmers owning the company; for them taking responsibility for the products they make; for them being in the right place at the right time for over 100 years making tillamook cheese from tillamook, oregon; for these farmers never wavering from their commitment to excellence. we stand for that.
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(male announcer) live from the kron 4 news station, this is the kron 4 news. >> to give you more news faster, jackie sissel >> this pipe has ruptured
8:01 am
spilling 45,000 gal. of water on to the hillside. and ultimately 12 homes have been evacuated and about 45 people with hundreds of people without water at this point. numerous people have been damaged have seen damage-to their cars. this water storage facility is at the top of the hill. the 8 in. cast iron pipes. it ruptured. that facility holds at least 100 million gal. of water. you see that 45,000 gal. of water at least has spilled. i spoke with the fire district leader >> this could have been catastrophic certainly, that
8:02 am
is 1 million gal.. there was a valve that was put in place the rip able to get that turned off. certainly, it could have been much worse. >> it could have been much worse. with 12 homes have been evacuated. and they are not sure of the stability of that hillside. they are going to get engineers to take a look at that hillside to make sure that it is a secure before they let those residence back and. >> we saw that standing water has drained? >> there is still a lot of water. we can see that city workers are trying to contain the damage but all of this mud and debris came down that is for the cleanup is going to take place. the
8:03 am
water did not do that much damage but it is the mud that came spilling down. >> incredible video, thank you, jackie sissel >> let us take a look on google earth. that was jackie sissel and he is live at the bottom of the hill and you can see the damage. we move up to will tran and india's just below where the water main tank is and he is-just below the source. the path of the water it is pretty amazing to see that it did not create a landslide. and it created a path around the eartpattern of homes. >> we are going to coordinate the live shot and we will check in with will
8:04 am
tran. >> george? >> yes are run the east bay we have been tracking a number of hot spots. are from the east bay highway no. 4. it was backed up, early because of problems in antioch. and at port chicago. there are continuing problems at 680 southbound. a new accident at to believe. this is basically complete jacked up. pat baile that bay leaf. the is an accident at bailey and stone valley road. and we have continuing problems on interstate 80 in the westbound direction. drive times are nearly one hour to get to from other allele all the way down to berkeley.
8:05 am
there was an accident. at buchanan. it is even heavy coming off of 580 westbound and the marin county is also heavy still recovering from problems of the golden gate bridge. the emergency repair meant that traffic had to be stopped. it has been open for some time but it is still slower-than- normal. >> a good morning, georgia and everybody should bundle of a because it is cold. george- it looks like oakland is a run 30's
8:06 am
>> darya: let us check in with will tran >> good morning, let me give you an update that this is so thick it is like soup they are carving out a lane on bonnie street to escavate and remove this mud ask this person. at 5am. he was trying to drive and cannot get out and the wihwhite
8:07 am
car.. is also stock we are at the epicenter. sto star ting at the top of hill reservoir #3 is expected to hold the least 1 million gal. of water. according to one water official and is down at them less than 100 gal.. it is at least seven, 8 gal. of water. they keep rushing down the hillside. so much water that it carved out the landscape. there used to be mud. and it is washing down in the trees have toppled sideways. fortunately, the trees have not come tumbling down into the homes. the only reason
8:08 am
those homes were scared is because the lay of the land. worse-spared... as far as i can tell there are no homes that have suffered water damage however on the other side of that bmw there is a shutoff valve. however there is so much mud they were not able to get to it in time or quickly enough. and let us see if we can see what these people have reactions. you can see there are people out here trying to gauge what is going on. no school, no work because of what is going on. >> and a lot of these people what they are thinking is who is going to pay for this? their car, house and who is liable? >> we are trying to find out. we believe that the
8:09 am
city but the fire department cannot answer that question. this city, the county probably own the reservoirs of the will have the ultimate call. >> a:06 we will be right back. :06 8:06 [ man ] it's big. supports in times of need. same with aladdin. the biggest in bail. no one has lower prices, is faster or more professional. aladdin bail bonds. bigger because we're better. aladdin bail bonds. experience thehas your ticket pressure-relieving comfort of tempur-pedic, and sleep risk-free with sleep train's 100-day money back guarantee.
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>> welcome back. we continue to show you that damage from this major water main break. this has gone from a storage tank in daly city this is video from abc seven high- definition helicopter. the mud still impacting this neighborhood. the hills the hillside-is even impacted with people being evacuated. on the right side you can see the damage. they are trying to determine
8:16 am
the stability of the hillside with homes effect witteevacuated. and we will continue to bring you updates from this developing story >> 8:15 this live look at what the conditions are like. on the right, san francisco. that is the approach and traffic. >> this is a bad morning for traffic on the east bay. interstate 80, highway no. 4. and right now, the mets are also bad. the the fried- the nimitz--also bad. and heavily jammed on 45 minutes. and this 680 towards one the creek. continuing towards a san ramon san ramon and over
8:17 am
that the nimitz freeway. northbound it is completely backed up from to 83 to downtown oakland. the 580 is not much better from 283. towards downtown oakland. this is 50 minutes from novato to the godlen gate and the golden gate because there are so many east bay problems the traffic is not able to make its way to the bay bridge. the san mateo bridge has been steady with 13 minutes. this is now the third normal commute to time in a row where there has not been 22 minutes. stop and go conditions. the golden gate bridge is back to normal but it has been sluggish. he emergency road work and they have a traffic break. it did
8:18 am
back things up earlier but it is slowly recovering and iraq from? >> it is not look that bad with sunshine but it is cold. fairfield, no longer in the 30's. that ble south mostly sunny conditions with 70's in santa clara and campbell. milpitas towards the east bay, sunny skies and it
8:19 am
feels like 50s with mild temperatures. 65 in downtown san francisco 68 degrees in berkeley. the satellite showing some wet weather to the north of them would stay clear. dry conditions and today could be the warmest day of the week. cloudy conditions persist and some showers coming in from the coast. residual showers by saturday and sunday tours monday where there is a meteor system with temps in the 60's.. >> 8:19 we are continuing to track gas prices. the average equals a $3.85. san
8:20 am
francisco, $3.97. oakland, san $3.84 and prices have fallen by 815 from one month ago. >> chevron concerns of repairs instead of replacing. as a result, the city of richmond and the air district will have limited say. >> because of chevron is rebuilding with replacement like-they do not have full perm authority. >> and people ask why do they have catastrophes like this? and this is the reason because chevron is cutting quarter corners-they are expected to meet with air
8:21 am
officials and they say that there will be in full compliance >> this seven year-old elder driver 70-years old dead. his name has not been released. and the 11 year- old boy is reunited with his father at the daly city police department after he went missing on friday. he was surprised when he saw officers and a friend's house looking for him. but daly city investigators were off looking for him are run the clock. he was missing for round-the-clock -- he did not have the cellphone and he told his father that he was going to spend a
8:22 am
friend with a friend but spent the night with a different friend and his father thought. >> tragic anniversary of this officer that was gunned down. >> and also through daly city as they are examining the hillside has 45,000 gal. of water spilled from this storage. and look at that mud and debris this clean-up continues. it is still without power.
8:23 am
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>> welcome back. the latest from abc's avenues. these cars are completely covered. abc seven news hd... we continue to follow the latest from this mud slide. we have two live reporters .. this thanksgiving traveling is expected to be
8:26 am
increased just a bit from last year. with just a strong for our economy for a larger holiday travel increase. this is up just 0.7% from last year the national average has declined by 355 per gallon in the last one month. aaa is expected that gases could continue to decrease but thinks giving day could be $3.32 on thanksgiving day. his >> stocks have been positive. on wall street we can see the dow jones and the s&p 500 is also up. better than average expected with one issue early is that this deal that has been rescuing the economy. less certain. it has depressed
8:27 am
the economy's future. and microsoft have even slep.... slipped with teh change of ceo... and tesla has received the motor trend car of the year. it is priced at 50,000-100,000. >> 8:27 we are taking a live look at the damage in daly city. the work that is being
8:28 am
done with the construction crews trying to clean up these four blocks that has been flooded. with basically water, mud slide from this water main break. we will be back. they're clean homes evacuated. residences' also evacuated and homes have been evacuated
8:29 am
8:30 am
(male announcer) live from the kron 4 news station, this is the kron 4 news. >> our developing story of this hillside neighborhood in daly city there is a huge mess this pipe and jackie jackie sissel >> you can see the crews are
8:31 am
out from daly city. they were impacted with the water main break that first at 4:30 and let us take a look at the video. this water main break worth veraware of tht mentioned that an 8 in. cast iron pipe ruptured. these homes and cars have been impacted with mud. 12 homes have been infected with 40 people were evacuated. the hillside is also unstable engineers to be sent out to check the stability of that bill because of the water. that hellfir that helillside say
8:32 am
could be at risk. >> this is 978,000 gal. tank and there is an 8 in. cast iron pipe that comes down from that tank. that pipe ruptured. about 45 gal. was lost. they were able to find to the valves and turn it off and people to get it secure. >> as bad as this is you cannot imagines that if they were not able to turn this off 1 million gal. would have been catastrophic. that is how he described this. with dozens of homes impacted and ho and hundreds of residents without water.
8:33 am
they do not know how long this will be. >> it looks like a massive undertaking to we have a lot of people? there are a half- dozen but are there more workers? >> yes. you have to understand it we are one half mile from where the break haven't. happened---were s water break happened. right here is where the water main break overflow but there has been damage here but not as much as to where will tran is. >> let me give you an idea of where we see a pc 7 h b sk7 the pc skype 7 and the faldo
8:34 am
showing you on google maps where our solo reporters are. this has flowed from a storage tank all the way to the street. will tran is at the base for the neighborhood began since it is on this hillside where this tank is showing the most impact. portions of this hillside have just deteriorated. were this is, where will tran is is for the whole site meets the neighborhood. we see that it video. and will tran,
8:35 am
reporting live it looks like that mud slide did most of the damage. >> they could have seen bulldozers, trying to clean up the mud. it is a huge mess it is so saturated with water. the water flow is contained and four hours it continues to flow water because it is coming from the mud. what is going on is they have these it dirt trucks, bulldozers and they have managed for the last couple of hours to push around that mud. it has allowed to free up and continue. so, they have a better shot of what is going to be solid, dirt, solid mud. to put into the picture trucks. derrik truckthe trucks.- transporting out that the
8:36 am
mud. and as the fire department received that phone call this could have gotten much worse if they did not find that valve. some people tried to get to work but they found a wall of mud. let me show you this black as to flockingblack suv l need a tow truck and this opaque and cement tank... and raced down the hill. because of the lay of the land. even though nearly
8:37 am
eight homes have been evacuated there are thankfully, no injuries. they are busy trying to clean it out this... you can see how monday these boots are. it takes a lot of effort just to walk. >> the sky is barefoot. did you hear any water? this gentleman is barefoot. >> what did you see when you looked out the window? >> what would your first thought? >> actually i did not see it because it was it dark. did
8:38 am
you walk into it by accident? >> yes. >> i imagine that it must have been worse. >> they told you to move your car but you said that you could not do anything because you could not do anything. >> correct. >> let me get out of the way and look at best. what they wanted to do is remove these cars look at-this. basically car out of this lane and as they get closer we will give you a different vantage point. this was once a beautiful park but they have put 3 ft. of mud on what used to be a beautiful football field. >> that will be several weeks
8:39 am
8:40 am
8:41 am
>> welcome back to the kron 4 morning news. we give you all of the bases resources so you can get the latest on breaking & developing. the latest resources. abc 7 news hd.. this cast iron
8:42 am
pipe burst. hit sent all of this water and mud into daly city and on top of cars, streets and homes. dozens of homes evacuate it. we can see how this big operation that has been going on for several hours. >> we will continue to follow the latest in daly city as we're watching residents tried to clean up the mud slide. we will continue our live coverage and continua after this [ male announcer ] citibank's app for ipad
8:43 am
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makes it easy for anne to manage her finances when she's on the go. even when she's not going anywhere. citibank for ipad. easier banking. standard at citibank.
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okay. [ male announcer ] with citibank's popmoney, dan can easily send money by email right from his citibank account. nice job ben. [ male announcer ] next up -- the gutters. citibank popmoney. easier banking. standard at citibank. >> welcome back toward 8:45 we are taking a look at this giant mudslides this water pipe ruptured and that
8:46 am
leaves to this 1 million water storage tank in daly city. it leavesit leavds.... to this water storage tank. >> the parameter of these trees is the protection of these homes. once these homeowners noticed that there was no internal damage however, they cannot believe the city workers because the mud came down here. this used to be a part of a we're talking 3 ft.-4 ft. that came down and not just on the streets fair coverage of the wheel wells but according to one park worker is used to be a beautiful field. just as long as a football field but
8:47 am
that grass is going to be destroyed. let me show you how would keep this is. it is very difficult to understand and the scope of this. fortunately, they have managed to bring up the bulldozers to rf ultimately, it becomes if more effect they believe that they are going to be out here all day. it looks like the destruction zone. police officers here. they have roped off this area. they are not going to allow anybody to even get through this area. >> oh my gosh! when i see that you are stuck and the
8:48 am
mud take goodness nobody was in the past when this came washing down. thank goodness. >> absolutely, it was 4:30 it was too dark to see this in gentleman said that it was not visible to him because it was so dark. let me see if this person has any insight. >> i was not aware of any issue. and i am guessing infrastructure is probably getting all that is my best guess. >> we spoke to you a little bit earlier in you could hear rushing mud. >> i could not tell if it was a storm but i was not
8:49 am
sure. >> when you finally walked out i know that it was dark but cool or what was the first thoughts? >> my first thought was to call at 911. >> and you were told to evacuate? >> the police have put us on notice " we were already awake but some people were asleep. i think the cops were more concerned about getting the police of sleet, awaken the vacuity. >> 100 homes evacuated. they wanted to get the people -- the cops wanted to get the people aware of the
8:50 am
severity during the actual water spelill..... the arches trying to carve out one lane to start cleanup efforts. if they are even trying to start off the difficulty. i merely made a view to sensation aloft because i was almost took a dive. and thank goodness that halthe is okay. >> absolutely, thank-you. a virtual must slide. in daly city. >> watching bay area weather
8:51 am
and traffic of san mateo bridge. and this hot spot. >> all over the east bay. surprisingly, not only is this a bad day for daly city it is bad for the entire bay area. some of the heaviest traffic ever. westbound interstate-80 it is nearly one hour. the 680 out of concord, pleasant hill and martinez. the san ramon valley. because of an earlier are curling accident and stone valley road. heavy on the interstate-80. the dunbarton and bridge, there have been two accidents that has left traffic impacted and the marin commute was nearly one hour drive time. from the golden gate to novato and
8:52 am
the bay bridges .. where we had hoped to see the end of 22 minutes and a stop and go conditions sadly, not the case. we have been incident- free. there was a problem earlier with the emergency road work that requires that the traffic be stopped. it has been moving well than before. erica? >> it is a bit sunny but a cold start. san francisco not that bad with 53 degrees. still, 40's in fairfield, napa we were in the 30's, later. 53 in antioch and 45 degrees in livermore. let us take a look at the numbers the futurecast showing 3:00 p.m., 60s. for most of the
8:53 am
bay area and the south bay will be a little bit warmer with 70's. 8:00 p.m., with 50s. a little bit warmer than yesterday. '70s in santa clara and cupertino, 71. '70s expected in milpitas and the 60s in fairfield, union city and mid-60s for downtown san francisco... the satellite and radar showing wet weather but it is going to stay that way with no wet weather today. major changes to talk about on your 7 day around the bay. tomorrow could be the warmest day with cloudy conditions on tap for friday. we could even see some shower activity. residual showers possible on saturday from the coast. sunday, monday
8:54 am
heavy rainfall expected because of those conditions. >> as we take a quick break we will get reactions from residents with been evacuated because of this water main break. >> perhaps before 4:00 a.m. i heard a no. i thought that it was raining and i opened up my window. i heard a noise. there was no wind. however, i checked once again before i went into bed and then i called 911 when i saw the mont. mud... for four
8:55 am
[ crickets chirping ]
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>> welcome back it is 8:57 we are taking a live look at daly city and this huge massive amounts of mud...
8:58 am
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(male announcer) live from the kron 4 news station, this is the kron 4 news at 9am >> this early morning mudslide triggered by a water main break and daly city has the streets inundated. city crews are trying to clean up the debris with this entire neighborhood impacted. >> jackie sissel? >> you can see the workers from daly city taking out the debris that has been rushing down this hillside park neighborhood. and early this morning. we have new
9:01 am
information by take a look at this video. 4:30 we are being told that this 8 in. cast iron water main break burst at 4:30 thousands of water gallons of water- impacting homes, cars and also 12 houses had to be evacuated. forcing residents is out of their homes when this accident occurred. this 8 in. water main break was between the homes, and a storage facility. owned by daly city and. that storage facility is housing and nearly 1 million but only 45,000 gal. spilled ... i
9:02 am
spoke with the public information officer with the north county fire district. as bad as this was a could have been much, much worse. >> it certainly could have been catastrophic that is a 1 million gal. tank. that valve was put in place some time ago there were able to find the valve and shut it off so he could have been worse. >> what we're being told by the water district that just work out here is that they were able to turn of the 8 in. water main break with in 10 minutes. in only 10 minutes, 45,000 gal. of water spilled. for those 12 homes that were evacuated. but the hillside behind them. right now, we are not sure if the hillside was compromised. they are afraid that it could lead to landslides. further compromising those homes. they are waiting for
9:03 am
engineers to survey that landslide. to make sure that those residents will come back. they are not going to be allowed back into their absolutely positive until it is a safe. >> that landslide is really making a catastrophe. let us go up to the source >> will tran? 45,000 gal. is about to average swimming pools. however, it is possibly undermining this hillside. there is jackie and further up, this is in the hillside park neighborhood. thankfully, it came down through the park but there is a lot of damage. will tran is also one location. you can see the park on the left and it is completely covered in mud. we are live.
9:04 am
>> park, you can see the bulldozers crisscrossing this neighborhood, mark. finally, after moving the mud around is like moving around soup. they pressed that water out of the mud. now, they're making progress in the super trucks because they have carved out a lane they are able to drive through and haul out that the dirt, mud and water. . you can see the fluorescent jackets they are taking a break because for several hours they have been
9:05 am
shoveling. the cars are stock. we've mentioned that these cars are---stuck... however he was not going to go anywhere. they asked him to move it but he is not able to because all tigers are covered in mud. let me show you the other cars. it was not as bad but the other cars has been moving in this direction and check this out this river of mud and you can see that bmw. there is so much mud and water there were not able to reach it. according to one person i spoke with they had to shut it off these wheels
9:06 am
are covered. and that black volkswagen beetle you cannot even see the tires. who knows how much damage this is ultimately going to cost of according to one worker they say that the reservoir of alarms to the daly city but there is no water damage. the only reason why they dodged this flood is the lay of the land. they came around this area but the promoter of these trees possibly saved a lot of these homes. no, no water because it a lot of that one around the homes. >> that is incredible, thank you. >> 9:the 0 sex let us check
9:07 am
out some multiple hot spots. >> correct this is all over the east bay. the north bay. 9:06 -- pa.m. carquinez.. coming out of concord. or from walnut creek towards dublin and a stone of valley road still impacting traffic and quite heavy on the cellphones side. interstate 580 and oakland are also heavy through the southbound and 880 and 580 through oakland and soutbound out of ...
9:08 am
from the beginning of the backup novato to the go lden gate.. it is heavy in the selouth... >> we are seeing plenty of sunshine and some fog on the roof cam from our studio ed van ness ave. temperatures in the san francisco 50s. concord, 49 and good morning, san carlos. it was a bit chilly but a few degrees mild today come loss of sunshine and high falls. a bit warmer than usual high clouds-a mixture of 60's and
9:09 am
70's and beyond that some rainfall on thursday and potentially unsettled for the weekend.
9:10 am
9:11 am
>> new this morning regarding the sex scandal that has grown to include the top u.s. commander in afghanistan. as reported,
9:12 am
federal investigators are looking to see if general allen had an appropriate relationship from jill kelly, a socialite from tampa, florida. some of the 20 + documents and e-mails between the general allen were flirtatious. it is not sure who initiated the e- mails. and how does this connect with petraeus? it was actually a jill kelly who alerted-the fbi. the plot the thickens will update you as more develops. we will be right back.
9:13 am
9:14 am
9:15 am
for >> let us take a look of the winners and losers. oil we are going to be the number- one producers? >> will we ever think about that. i remember waiting in line in the 1970's. and the i e a... single we are going to be an exporter of oil by 2035. there is an energy renaissance with more self sufficiency and bioenergy
9:16 am
the fuel efficiency. the fuel efficiency. and i like this story there is no negative impact on this story it is something to look forward to. that could be a silent legacy. he has been pro what'll transport president. >> and if we all purchase a tesla. >> this is a bit more flashy. my car has a bumper that is falling off. and motor trend to close to tesla the model s it is the first time that a non
9:17 am
combustion in june a 63 year old tradition. and it is a pivotal transition change. however, because this is electric. even beating out bmw, for diffusion. and it beat all the cars it is impressive and the even ford fusion was beaten out there ahand perhaps this should speak to its reliability? >> however it is still a bit of non-reportable a 50- $100,000. >> improving housing. and not-affordable--of that tussle however, with value
9:18 am
on the homes the 0 car is tesla. positive home values showing home depot increases for improvements. >> how about apple. and i feel that is a $750 per- share stock. let us remember that it started in $400.50 dollars50the biggest is supply
9:19 am
the operating cheif has beome leaner and the ipad mini ...compared to windows, and google is growing.. >> let us take a look of the weather. >> good morning there is a lot of sunshine but still a chilly start. the live look from a van ness into the city with a lot of blue skies. and a pretty nice day. still, drive with a lot
9:20 am
of sunshine and a slightly milder temperatures. 54 degrees in downtown san francisco. 49 in concord. 47 in the santa rosa. taking elective the satellite is easing the story a bit. taking a look at the satellite, you copyright a little bit of storm activity near ukiah. it could not impact the bay area but it could .... are rifrive we will continue to gradually see a warming trend to through today and tomorrow. here is
9:21 am
a look at futurecast. still, 60s and in some places like snap-on. could see 70's. lots of 70's but places like napa could squeeze anout 70s san jose and santa clara and alameda with walnut creek 70s and antioch and comfortable in novato and ocean beach downtown san francisco...a
9:22 am
look at the 7 day around the bay. sunny and mild 60s for the bay not a major system on and off potentially could be heavy rain for the weekend. >> interstate 80 in the westbound direction the drive times are now below 30
9:23 am
minutes. from hercules to virtually the accents are gone and we are seeing some improvement between walnut creek the hercules-accidents are virtually gone. stone valley road is still recovering. from the nimitz , still slow through oakland. the dumbarton bridge is improving and the drive to the san mateo bridge i will show you that in a moment. even the marin county is showing the marin county... each toll plaza has been fairly light. the backup to the san mateo bridge is still quite slow.
9:24 am
from the high-rise all the way to the toll plaza. drive times are below 20 minutes ... conditions are improving slowly. >> our developing story is this mudslide triggered by a water main break in daly city. triple shots on the left, our live shot as we're on the ground in daly city as crews are trying to clean up the roadway for it on the right hand corner and on the upper box you can see video from sky seven. abc seven that we are showing you everything you need in one place. to give you a look at that mud with dozens of homes have been evacuated we
9:25 am
will be back. -what's up? i'm chris. -and i'm erik.
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>> we continue to follow this daly city neighborhood water main break at 4:26 you can see the mud completely covered short 6:15 the residents were evacuated at 6:15. these lines cars covered with mud, debris. right now, the cleanup efforts are continuing. as this could be weeks, months before this neighborhood is completely cleaned up. we will follow the latest and come back from daly city
9:29 am
after the break.
9:30 am
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>> that time no is 9:30 let us get the latest developments from ceci jackie jackie sissel >> you can see the army of residence are going to of a lot of cleaning up and... this, water and debris are around 4:30 this cast iron pipe from this water facility boss did. it sent thousands of waters into a neighborhood. it busted-and you can see these homes and
9:32 am
parks nearby were inundated. not only from water, but also 12 homes had to be evacuates did. he can see the damage. by that damage. and what we are being told is that this water storage facility on this hillside held nearly 1 million gal.. almost 1 million gal. of water. it only took 10 minutes for them to get the call, and get it to shut off but in those 10 minutes, they lost 45,000 gal. of water. we spoke with the director of the daly city water district. he weighs in. a guy is an 8 in. cast iron pipe and it sheered off the hillside. we measured about 45,000 gal. of water. before it broke in three
9:33 am
isolated if it in the working crews isolated it about 10 minutes from the police department dispatch. >> the water facility district held about 1 million gal.. as bad as if it was it could have been catastrophic if all of its would have rushed out. you cannot imagine how much pressure was on that pike. and can you imagining? of that-cast iron pipes. those homes are still however, evacuate good. it is the hillside that has caused the evacuation. they believe that the hillside integrity could be compromised. they will send out to civic engineers to make sure that the hillside is stable. otherwise, it is going to be a long time. >> talk about catastrophe it was 4:30 a.m. and what if there were people out and
9:34 am
about later in the morning? there could have been people washed away >> according to the water district it was only 10 minutes. you can see the damage that it did. however, if it was longer than that it could have been a serious damage. as bad as it was you could have been much worse. >> this is incredible and video from sky 7 high- definition. video. this is near daly city they are doing the best they can to move that the mud. it is several feet deep in some locations it really looks like a massive landslide, will tran and is on the seeing. we will try to get that back. however, it
9:35 am
really gave way. 45,000 gal. of water. with nearly two residential swimming pools is the amount of 45,000 gal.. a equivalent of.we will get will tran and get more information as we follow this developing information. this hillside giving way to 45 housing gallons of water 45,000 gal. of water. it >> a number of east bay hot spots have cleared out. it is on the peninsula, cellphon southboundd... much lo. perhaps 20 minutes added to your commute time with stop and go from san bruno to
9:36 am
hillsdale. in earlier occurring accident at s f o and one-year the 92 interchange. backing up the southbound interchange. and the 280 will probably save you some time. >> thank-you, george. plenty of sunshine but a chilly start. temperatures were a few degrees mild and the last couple of mornings. the fairly pleasant day and warmer today compared to yesterday. fed gradual warming trend will continue. highs in the '60s and '70s. beyond that, we could see rainfall on the thursday evening. the weekend it seems to be unsettled but plenty of sunshine temperatures in hayward 54 degrees mountain view, good morning, 53 degrees. palo alto, 56, walnut creek 54 degrees. we will break on
9:37 am
the forecast and have your seven day forecast. >> let us take a look at the reaction from the residences... >> me before 4:00 a.m. i heard a noise i thought that it was raining. the skies were clear. there was no wind i did not think anything of that. however, 15 minutes before that i checked and i saw that the mud and i called 911 ♪
9:38 am
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>> welcome back the gas prices continue to decrease. $3.85. san francisco, still live decreasing with a $3.97. and oakland/san jose.
9:41 am
$3.84. however, and 815 decrease from one month ago. >> there is 80 concerned with the chevron repair. there are concerns-with the chevron repair instead of a replacement. >> because chevron is rebuilding with what they call like kin replacementd the air district do not have a 40. people ask why do these disasters happen and this is a big reasons. chevron is cut in quarters. cutting corners.. they say that all these materials will meet or exceed can standards. >> and will transfer. >> this.. remain. break.
9:42 am
we will show you the lay of the land and this water main break. i
9:43 am
9:44 am
9:45 am
>> welcome back. we will have a number of state from will tran a number of state. it is it getting any better? another update? >> yes, mark you can see this water it has been squeezed out of the mud. it is pretty firm. they are making progress. the bulldozers are creating a pile. and they have cleared out of them but because we were here since this morning. look at this id has
9:46 am
gone down dramatically but there are still corers stocstill cars however are impacted and saturated and stuck... on the other side of this bmw. that is a shot off the valves. it was dark. it was muddy. with 45,000 gal. of water rushing down the could not shut it off as quickly as they wanted to. and that is what allowed more mud. as we move the camera over. let me show you this is the top of the hill. it looks like a cement block that is the reservoir. sometime around 4:30 the for your department got a phone call. and they said that they got one hour of damage.
9:47 am
it was mainly changing the landscaping with trees savin peace homes. the perimeter of these perimeter. and the lay of the land force this water or from the trees and into this street. never once in to these homes even though there were told to evacuate but there walk around their house and they found that everything was okay. and the with the recall to evacuate was because authorities were afraid because of all of that a saturation on the hillside. their saturation foundation could have impacted the integrity of the foundation. >> 9:47 weather, traffic, and george.
9:48 am
>> as we continue to track the nimitz freeway it is our last hot spot. this short stretch from interstate 13. towards park. and towards downtown oakland. the drive time is about 28 minutes from san leandro towards downtown oakland. that is the last from the east bay which was a real mess. and finally, the bay bridge because of the peak traffic being held up. it was not backed up that path but sadly their wares have a trou traffic... some slow traffic has still impacted and created slow conditions. for the golden gate, the 101 we are already seeing the configuration changing. adding a third lane. that means that it is a little
9:49 am
bit sluggish on the southbound. 9:48 >> good morning, we are seeing plenty of sunshine. look at that blue sky. plenty of sunshine and temperatures on the rice. this morning, and a chilly start plenty of temperatures on the rise -- with a. more mild this evening and cloudy, cold but we are looking for dry conditions. some areas in the 40's with napa, santa rosa, downtown san francisco and half moon bay. the san mateo bridge and also concord 49 degrees at this hour. you are going to need a jacket. the satellite/radar showing some rainfall through a ukiah. i do not expect this to impact the bay area but there could be a more clouds by thursday, friday and for
9:50 am
the weekend. as we focus on friday this high-pressure is trying to gain control. it will allow us for some more warming conditions today, tomorrow but some changes. here is a look at a future cast by 3:00 p.m. the green is it generally 60s and even 70's in some areas near napa. even some lower 70's for the afternoon highs. let me put this into motion by 8:00 p.m. generally 50s for most locations and even some areas in the 60s but a cool and chilly start and in the day for us. and the warmer areas will be and the self bailor 70's. los gatos, 72 and the south-bay. >> 694 milpitas. 69 degrees for
9:51 am
69 degrees whiyour kron 4 7 day around the bay the mild day- to-day these forecasts models are having a difficult time predicting what is happening with these storm systems but we could see some showers and a better chance on friday, saturday. more widespread steady rain fall on tap for office on a sunday and on monday but some of variability. keep that in mind. certainly, more snowfall and near lake
9:52 am
tahoe. check it out there heavenly. as we see the resource that 4 to open up. tomorrow, along with north star. heavenly will be opening tomorrow. kirkwood skiing and snowboarding will be a possibility. >> let us take a look at the bay. temperatures. this on the approach and it is currently in oakland this 60s. 64 ... woman: oh! tully's.
9:53 am
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>> welcome back to the samsung s3 and the iphone 58
9:56 am
comparison gabe slate tech report both are great, one is apple's version and one in the schuylkill's version but i have used both for a couple of weeks. let me share with you one of the big differences. the iphone 5 is in my left hand. the s three is and my right. it has a larger screen with 4.8. the iphone 4 in. screen. if you do a lot of watching videos? the iphone 5 has a 4 in. screen. the s3 has more of a curve and the iphone 5 yes more of a square shape. these are still about the same with the battery, the quality of the display, the camera. very comparable. some have
9:57 am
unique features that others do not have but those are kind of the novelty things. the bottom line is that if you use itunes. music, you should use the iphone. the apple the invoices will sync better if you would like to use of voice commands the apple would be a better choice. if you use a lot of texting and spelling, the apple iphone 5 is actually also better. and the galaxy s3 is not that great for making phone calls. it dropped a lot of calls people could not understand me. the iphone 5 bit better. and depending on where you live, work you could have a different experience and at the end of
9:58 am
the day that was a deal breaker so we would advise taking the iphone 5 over the galaxy as three. s three that is it for a.., thank you for joining us [ male announcer ] are you ready for tomorrow's technology today?
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then switch to at&t u-verse tv. add the wireless receiver exclusively from at&t, and you're no longer tied to the tv outlet. move your tv wherever you want in your home...even outside. [ megan ] call now and switch to u-verse for just $29 a month for six months, with a total home dvr included, free for life. add hbo and cinemax and get the first three months free. plus you can bundle tv and u-verse high speed internet with speeds up to 24 megs. [ male announcer ] our total home dvr lets you record four shows at once... and play them back in any room. every channel is in 100-percent, crystal-clear digital picture and sound. and you can upgrade to get 170 hd channels -- that's more than cable. [ megan ] so call now and switch to u-verse for just $29 a month for six months, with a total home dvr included, free for life.

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